About Us

DIESVA Ltda is consolidated as a company that has the power of vision in creating a new business opportunities, both international and inner market, strengthening and expanding into the three business areas.

DIESVA is driven by visions characterized by constant innovation (research) and entrepreneurship, thereby generating new ways of doing things, providing stability, reliability and security for our clients and supplier.

DIESVA has been formed, due to the requirements that exist at the global level of products of our country abroad, as are the products of our country side (fresh fruits, wild fruits, dried fruits and fungus), Wines produced by the major national wine industry (characterized by its excellent quality level in the world wide), Minerals from the north of Chile (extracted in the Atacama desert), our Sea Food products (from our more than 4000 km of Chilean cost with the Pacific and Antartic Ocean) and our Timbers (watered using our Andes mountains as water resourse).